Past Delegates

Below is a list of institutions who have sent employees to our series of training courses:

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority , Austrian Financial Market, Authority (FMA), Austrian National Bank, Banca d'Italia, Banco de la, Republica, Colombia, Bank for International Settlements, Bank Indonesia, Bank Negara Malaysia, Bank of Algeria, Bank of Burundi, Bank of Canada, Bank of Cape Verde, Bank of England, Bank of Estonia, Bank of Finland, Bank of Ghana, Bank of Greece, Bank of Guatemala, Bank of Guyana, Bank of Haiti, Bank of Israel, Bank of Jamaica, Bank of Japan, Bank of Korea, Bank of Latvia, Bank of Lebanon, Bank of Lithuania, Bank of Mauritius, Bank of Mexico, Bank of Mongolia, Bank of Mozambique, Bank of Namibia, Bank of Papua New Guinea, Bank of Portugal, Bank of Sierra Leone, Bank of Slovenia, Bank of Spain, Bank of Sudan, Bank of Tanzania, Bank of Thailand, Bank of the Netherlands Antilles, Bank of Uganda, Bank of Zambia, Banking and Payments Authority of East Timor, Banking and Payments Authority of Kosovo, Banking Control Commission, Banking, Regulation and Supervision Agency, Banque de France, Bermuda, Monetary Authority, British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, Brunei Investment Agency, Capital Markets Authority (Uganda), Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, Central Bank & Financial Services Authority of Ireland, Central Bank of Argentina, Central Bank of Armenia, Central Bank of Bahrain, Central Bank of Barbados, Central Bank of Bolivia, Central Bank of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Central Bank of Brazil, Central Bank of Chile, Central Bank of Costa Rica, Central Bank of Cyprus, Central Bank of Egypt, Central Bank of Honduras, Central Bank of Hungary, Central Bank of Iceland, Central Bank of Iraq, Central Bank of Jordan, Central Bank of Kenya, Central Bank of Kuwait, Central Bank of Lesotho, Central Bank of Luxembourg, Central Bank of Malta, Central Bank of Montenegro, Central Bank of Nigeria, Central Bank of Oman, Central Bank of San Marino, Central Bank of Seychelles, Central Bank of Solomon Isles, Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Central Bank of Swaziland, Central Bank of the Bahamas, Central Bank of The Gambia, Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran , Central Bank of the Philippines, Central Bank of the Republic of China, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Central Bank of the TRNC, Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, Central Bank of Turkish, Republic of Northern Cyprus, Central Bank of Venezuela, Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO), Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Comision Nacional Bancaria y de Valores, Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), Comissao do Mercado de Valores Mobiliarios, Commissione Nazionale per le Societa e la Borsa, Consejo Nacional de Supervision del Sistema Finan., Croatian National Bank, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Czech National Bank, Czech Statistical Office, Danish Government Debt Management, Debt Management Office, Nigeria, Department of Finance, U.A.E, Deutsche Bundesbank, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, European Central Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Federal Reserve System Board, Financial Services Authority (FSA), Financial Services Commission (Jamaica), Financial Supervision Authority (Finland), Financial Supervisory Authority (Ireland), Financial Supervisory Service (Korea), Financial System Stability Forum, Finansinspektionen, Finanstilsynet, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Agency, Instituto de Seguros de Portugal, Internationa, Monetary Fund (IMF), Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority, ISVAP (Italy), Kredittilsynet, Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority, Lebanon’s Banking Control Commission, Malta Financial Services Authority, Ministry of Finance (Serbia and Montenegro), Ministry of Finance (Egypt), Ministry of Finance (Estonia), Ministry of Finance (Germany), Ministry of Finance (Macedonia), Ministry of Finance (Pakistan), Ministry of Finance, Account-General Department (Singapore), Ministry of Finance (Trinidad & Tobago), Monetary Authority of Singapore, National Bank of Angola, National Bank of Belgium, National Bank of Denmark, National Bank of Kazakhstan, National Bank of Poland, National Bank of Serbia, National Bank of Slovakia, National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, National Bank of Ukraine, National Debt Management Agency (Iceland), National Securities and Exchange Commission (Romania), National Securities Commission (Panama), National Securities Commission of Kazakhstan, Norges Bank, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada), People's Bank of China, Portuguese Governmen, Debt Agency (IGCP), Reserve Bank of Fiji, Reserve Bank of India, Reserv, Bank of Malawi, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Reserve Bank of Vanuatu, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Securities and Exchange Commission (Nigeria), Securities Commission (Malaysia), Securities Regulatory Commission (Ghana), South African Reserve Bank, State Bank of Pakistan, State Treasury of Finland, Superintendencia Bancaria, Superintendencia de Banca y Seguros, Superintendencia d, Banca y Seguros del Peru, Superintendencia de Bancos (Guatemala), Superintendencia de Pensiones, Valores y Seguros, Superintendencia, General de Valores (Costa Rica), Sveriges Riksbank, Swiss National Bank, Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission, The Bangladesh Bank, The Netherlands Bank, The Treasury of the Republic of Latvia, U.S. Department of the Treasury, World Bank